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Story or Stardom?

Aug 25

Story or Stardom?

Posted by: TRENDSTER 
Often, one reads comments of fans like " Gamraj, Super Indian, etc, should be dropped" , "Dhruv is the best.", "Steel is worst", etc. I am not complaining as we like or dislike any character according to his record.

But I want to say is that what matters is treatment of a comic in terms of artwork and story. I dont want to take names of creatives but imagine a Nagraj comics with artwork like regular Gamraj. Doga is best then why fans "uwaak" on a Gamraj-Doga combo ?

As RC team is not with a huge creative force they tend to implement their best resources (creatives) in best characters (according to fans feedbacks) and often rest characters are just a formality for set completion ans series continuation. This kind of "tag" system ruins a character permanently. Many...many possibilities in the storylines of Parmanu, Anthony, Shakti, Fighter Toads, Gamraj, etc, are unexploited. RC should give fair treatment to its every character. Then such comments and comparisons should be done.
Mere kehne ka matlab hai jab kuch characters ko "elite" ka tag dekar unpar kaam ho raha hai aur kuch characters par ordinary efforts lag rahe hai. To jin par ordinary kaam ho raha hai wo apne aap kaise sabki pasand ban sakte hai?
Originally Posted on RC Forums between 2007-2009

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