Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Fan Rohit K. Pandey

Rohit Kumar Pandey
"It was the last week of June, 1996; My father got posting in Balrampur (UP) at the post of a Hindi Lecturer in PG college. I was going with him along with my mother and brother(who is 3 years younger than me). We were at the platform of Ara railway station (Bihar), my eyes caught the cover of a book at the book stall. It was a comics of Nagraj and I fell in love with him the very first time; it was like a love at first sight. I started whispering to my brother to ask mummy to buy this comics. He requested her and we finally got our first comics. He told me that he would like to see it first and I gave that to him (the 4 YO kid) :) and I knew that he would complete it in couple of minutes :p Then I started to read and it was like to enter in a new world of fantasy and charisma. Later on I still read such kind of books and I admit the fact that there is a big role of them in the creation of my core human values. These books always teach good to a child and in last truth always wins. In Fact I did not like when Nagraj was beaten by goons in any comics. Doga, Kobi-Bhedia and Tiranga were my favorite, however I like every superhero. I also read Tulsi comics, Diamond comics, DC and Marvel apart of my all time favorite Raj comics. Bankelal was also my favorite, however my brother likes Parmanu.
Thanks a lot for reading this post. I am glad to get company of you people who are sharing the same interest in comics as me! :) "

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