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राधा कॉमिक्स : जानकारी

राधा कॉमिक्स : जानकारी

Radha Comics was an Indian comics magazine that became much popular during the late 1980s and early 1990s. The comics magazine was published and distributed by Radha Pocket Books, Merath, India. Radha Comics was published as a monthly magazine that usually constituted of 6 different comics compiled into one monthly comic book set. The magazine was published in Hindi language only and very famous amongst Hindi comics readers.

One of the most successful and well received series published by Radha Comics was Shaktiputra. Shaktiputra was inspired from the Hollywood movie Robo-Cop. The character of Shaktiputra and his powers had many similarities with the famous character of Robo-Cop. He was a cyborg crime fighter, who had the brain of its inventor, Professor Padhmanabhan, transplanted into the advanced technological system. The body chassis of Shaktiputra was constructed of metal and only his face and brain was human. Even his face was covered with a helmet. He used various weapons to conquer over his enemies, like a revolver, a sword and shield.

Radha Comics failed to keep up with the growth of Indian comics like its competitors, as the artwork and stories did not improve beyond a certain point and remained merely average. Moreover, with the increased demand of western comics like DC Comics and Marvel Comics, Radha Comics gradually lost its popularity amongst comic book readers.

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