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मधु मुस्कान : जानकारी

मधु मुस्कान : जानकारी

Madhu Muskan was an Indian comics magazine that was published weekly in the late 1970s, by the publisher of the film magazine Mayapuri. Madhu Muskan did not follow the norms of a typical comic book, particularly in terms of content, layout and design. It was more of a magazine which contained illustrated stories. Almost all of the stories contain graphically illustrated funny stories based on different characters that were much popular during that time. Few pages contained short stories in the form of a typical magazine and rest of the pages contained various types of comics and artworks.

Madhu Muskan comics magazine was designed as a family magazine that contained mostly funny and humorous stories. It is a very popular and renowned magazine and much admired by Hindi comics readers. Madhu Muskan reached its peak during the development if the Indian comics industry and the readers were much interested in this form of literature. Madhu Muskan depends mostly on comical stories in the form of pictures. Madhu Muskan also had the rights to publish the world famous Asterix comics in India.

Characters of Madhu Muskan
Madhu Muskan had several major characters that were featured regularly in the comics magazine. These characters were mainly funny and were created to make the readers laugh. There were also many stories on different genres and themes. It also published many short comics issues with several of its original characters. The most popular characters of Madhu Muskan comics magazine are mentioned below-

The character of Daddy-Ji was featured on a regular basis in the weekly comics magazine for around 25 years, but became most popular during 1970s and 1980s. Daddy-Ji was amongst the famous characters in Madhu Muskan comics. Daddy-Ji was created by Harish M. Sudan who took inspiration from his brother-in-law. The bumbling character of Daddy-Ji had a son named Jojo who was the main source of the all the quandary and mess created by Daddy-Ji.

Babloo was a teenaged detective who was supported by his uncle who was a Police officer. Babloo took the help of his Police uncle in order to solve various crimes and mysteries and capture the criminals. He was featured in every issue of Madhu Muskan.

Popat-Chaupat are a couple of ill-fated friends who were always involved in either financial problems or other matters. The various pathetic situations of the characters were portrayed in a humorous manner.

These funny characters were also engulfed in different problems. Chustram is an over energetic and hyper-active person where as Sustram is very lazy by nature. Sustram was always dominated and beaten up by Chustram.

Bhootnath Aur Jaadui Tulika
These were one of the most popular characters of Madhu Muskan. A ghost who possessed a magical wand named Tulika, shaped like an umbrella. Tulika`s main objective was to fulfil his master`s wish and tried his best to impress Bhootnath. But he failed always with comical circumstances.

Dakoo Paan Singh
Dakoo Paan Singh was a fun filled danger loving character who used to get incredible strength whenever he chewed Paan (Betel leaves). He was always helped by Supari Lal, his trusted side kick.

Other popular characters were Minni, Manglu Madari aur Bandar Bihari, Chandru, Aakashputra Shaktimaan, Filmi Reporter Kalamdas and Jasoos Chakram.

Madhu Muskan started publishing stand alone comics under the banner named Madhu Muskaan Comics. As their characters became very popular amongst the readers, they published many issues of Dakoo Paan Singh, Babloo, Popat-Chaupat, Chandru and others in series format. Madhu Muskan launched another comics line with the name of Trishul Comics that published stories of Inspector Azaad, Bharat Kumar etc. but these comics failed to attract the interest of the readers and gradually declined due to financial losses.

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